Catching Up On Movies

I watched “Hunger Games” (all of them) for a second time. There are so many precious moments that catch and hold you. I through the third and we cannot wait for the final film.

I also saw “X-Men: Days Of Future Past/X-Men: Apocalypse” this week and the story line is still so strange as anything: D It is one of my three favorite story of the X-Men cartoons, because I and it is difficult for me not to love something that is a little leak story continuity because of travel time.

Still, i wasn’t a big fan of this film. I like the first cast of three major films more than the cast of films set in the past. Therefore, a film which focuses on young people Charles and Magneto isn’t going to be entirely my taste no matter how much you throw Is Wolverine in civility. And as always with this franchise focuses on boys, although the mystique of Jennifer Lawrence is still a much more prominent role than expected. RAE for Jennifer Lawrence is trying to push its wonderful temporary franchise. But, come on, absolutely should have had Flash more.

However, it was love of the fragments of the fan service turned up. Expired only the creators have the everybody wants to see Jean again even if they have a real reason to bring it back. And I adore that this franchise is still on her with naked Wolverine. There were some uncomfortable moments in my screening during the world which made me extremely happy-as OMG, this film Act specifically provides for the female gaze once. How squeaky to you? And was great to Fassbender as Magneto-I wish we could have a film past and present for Magneto.

Today I’m going to watch “Malificent” and “Deadpool”, and I have big dreams and hopes for this film. Cross your fingers.

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