Late for Work

Today I was late for work. My sister came over early to wash clothes in preparation for her trip which starts tomorrow and he washer gave out. Isn’t that always how it is? We spent some time catching up and then I got desperately behind and had to fly around like a mad woman to get ready. We banged into one another about fifty times.

The Serpent Garden

During the early reign of Henry VIII. The topic already highly unusual because it has nothing to do with his marriages.

Tudor dominated her sister Mary, since her marriage to the King of France and one follow up with Charles Brandon forms part of the plot, but Mary is a supporting character. Our heroine here is Susanna, soon widow of artist morally than good and talented painter of miniature portraits himself, who comes first is part of a staff and civil servants the Wolsey and then part Mary’s. the novel third Act and supernatural problem; for two-thirds of it, Susanna is very brave heroine use her talents in the world keeps underestimating, along with it the book offers take on Wolsey during the height of its power.

No Cromwell in mind, although Cavendish shows as a flatterer and Anne Boleyn as a teenage girl in France. But have been supernatural treasure-hunting, the Susanna no good husband who dies at the beginning and during the last third of the book is dominated by angel by demon battle with Susanna play only a small part, and it is not what I support.

Peaky Blinders

I discovered a new series recently, maybe you have heard of it, Peaky Blinders. The show which I think originally came out in 2014 plays immediately after WWII, and is a very candid look about what the war did, focusing on the psychological harm to men. It floows Tommy Selby, leader of the gang Peaky Blinders, uses opium to stifle the memories of his time at the mining crews; His brother Arthur had suffered regular bouts of depression and the first episode Jack Danny friend Whizzbang ‘ shows severe shell shock. This can be a common theme in the programs of WWI and WWII.

While full of social history, Peaky Blinders are also solid crime drama. In plots is formulated around a format style plot will send one way and everything looks bleak, but there is a disclosure that changed everything. Some critics feel that the drama built these plots is a disadvantage to the show and it would have been better if it only piece. I disagree. Peaky Blinders such astonishing because it combines many genres to a piece wholly satisfactory – it runs a technical challenge just inside itself. It can be exciting crime, is a piece of social history, artistic project strange and whole family drama at the same time without fainting under these competing elements?

Some of the accents are spotty and people tell me the history was perhaps less dramatic than what we’re seeing on screen but I still like it so. It’s historical drama and it’s not all cozy and law be right. And its focus is on how men sent to war are trying to take back control now they’ve returned because the war stole so much of their self-control.

And they help their friends along the way, even though their friends are often visibly broken – no man left behind! Then there’s the use of modern music! And the fact that it’s serious drama, but it also employs ‘the trick’ plot device like fun shows – so cool, structured drama story-telling and historical realism in one place. Ugh, and that scene in I think the first episode where the bar maid/spy is singing and this whole pub of rough Midlands guys back from war join in with the chorus of “The Boy I Love is Up in the Gallery” – heart tearing.

Plus, everyone in it is so attractive. And if you’re looking for a dude ship there’s a big one available.

I Love Mycenaean Women’s Fashion

Women’s fashion in the Aegean Bronze Age in large topic, so this post will deal with only clothes, and leaving the hair and make-up for later. Fresco evidence, it appears in Mycenaean women had their fashion sense by the Minoans.

The basic garment Was the girls wear every day was the uniform change, as shown in the below a plate of woman offering wine to the soldier on horses. Basically it is a tunic long banding across the shoulders and along the hem for extra strength. This garment would have been cut from wool, and dressed with linen llawesog under short or long dress, depending on the weather.

Aegean garment more familiar in the flounced skirt, which, if you look at the pictures very carefully, you can see really wrap around garment. The skirt was made of the rectangle long rows of sewn flounces; It was then tied around the waist and cinched with a blue girdle. Women have worn some type under a skirt or petticoat underneath, and for special occasions, it would have to sew appliqués or bells to flounces to produce a tinkling sound. Some votive sculptures such as the famous snake Priestess depicting women wearing aprons, but it seems that the costume is limited to religious rites, perhaps to hold blood during sacrifice.

The painting of ladies in the Queen’s Megaron in Knossos Is charming but somewhat misleading. It is unlikely that women Minoan or Mycenaean walked around bare-breasted at all times. Naked breasts were designated as fertility, particularly given the ample bosoms display in bronze art, so this was the matter of ritual; women in the painting are preparing for a ceremony, not to spend an afternoon average Minoan Royal apartments. Bodis was dressed as open bolero jacket, held in place with a corset made probably of leather.

The Minoan snake Priestess of opening ceremonies of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. She is wearing an apron ritual. In case you’re curious, it seems that the uniforms are a mix of cloth and synthetic material, rubber and silicone breasts she is possibly wearing latex, similar to that worn by drag queen.

He was wearing a concealing other, more types of bodices. A fresco of Knossos Blue Ladies, you can see how bodis open all the way down the front yet still cover the breasts; It would have been worn with the movement underneath, which was sufficiently vague to conceal the chest, or diaphanous, depending on the person who wears the mood.

The Hour Of The Wolf

“Many things in life are beautiful and yet at their heart they are so simple.”

“Complexity and beauty have little in common with one another. Complexity can be admired but true beauty can’t be created through technical ingenuity.” – Wolfsbane

Recently, a smart friend made me face up to the fact that sometimes practicality limits our capacity to do good. We’re all individual people, we all get tired and it’s better to concentrate on the few things we can do. It’s a hard thing for me to accept even though I know my friend is right; we all want to be good people and the bar for ‘good’ is set pretty high these days. We’re all scared that no one cares about the things we want in our lives. We don’t want to be the cause of our own downfall. It’s difficult to let go in order to focus and achieve.

I worry about a lot of things to do with empathy and caring. I worry that focusing on the friendships that I am building instead of reaching out to strangers is not the way to approach things if I want to be part of change. I worry that my decision to keep away from certain situations has become a negative form of protectionism, instead of a positive one. I worry that when I try to go deeper with the people I want to form a community with I mess it up.

Meanwhile-meanwhile, I have also taken down the last of the Christmas decorations and I am going to take down my calendars, because I have a deep superstition about these things. I am the type of person who always has to have the calendar changed on the first day of the month exactly anyway.

I feel that you should do things on New Year’s Day that symbolize how you want the rest of the year to go. I’ve heard you should take out any kind of garbage or trash because it symbolizes dumping all the baggage out of your life. My home is garbage free. We’ll see.

Catching Up On Movies

I watched “Hunger Games” (all of them) for a second time. There are so many precious moments that catch and hold you. I through the third and we cannot wait for the final film.

I also saw “X-Men: Days Of Future Past/X-Men: Apocalypse” this week and the story line is still so strange as anything: D It is one of my three favorite story of the X-Men cartoons, because I and it is difficult for me not to love something that is a little leak story continuity because of travel time.

Still, i wasn’t a big fan of this film. I like the first cast of three major films more than the cast of films set in the past. Therefore, a film which focuses on young people Charles and Magneto isn’t going to be entirely my taste no matter how much you throw Is Wolverine in civility. And as always with this franchise focuses on boys, although the mystique of Jennifer Lawrence is still a much more prominent role than expected. RAE for Jennifer Lawrence is trying to push its wonderful temporary franchise. But, come on, absolutely should have had Flash more.

However, it was love of the fragments of the fan service turned up. Expired only the creators have the everybody wants to see Jean again even if they have a real reason to bring it back. And I adore that this franchise is still on her with naked Wolverine. There were some uncomfortable moments in my screening during the world which made me extremely happy-as OMG, this film Act specifically provides for the female gaze once. How squeaky to you? And was great to Fassbender as Magneto-I wish we could have a film past and present for Magneto.

Today I’m going to watch “Malificent” and “Deadpool”, and I have big dreams and hopes for this film. Cross your fingers.

Sup? Er Dog

Imagine a grassy obstacle course with a set of white bars that dogs are supposed to jump over, because apparently this is something we do. Like, it’s not enough that dogs have to deal with the fact that they’re not cats and therefore have to actually give a fuck about things. OMG BELOVED MASTER YOU WERE GONE FOR FIIIIIIVE MINUUUUUTES I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER COME BACK. And your cat’s like, I hope you brought food, peon. No, we’re going to make them run around and over and through completely random obstacles for our approval, because existential anxiety is the fate of the dog.

But this corgi? This corgi is different. This photo has been taken at just the right split-second moment: right as this corgi sails over the bars, all four stumpy little legs in the air, he raises his right paw to the viewer, looks you in the eye, and winks. Like, the only reason he is not giving you finger guns right now is that he does not have fingers.

Macro text, classic white-with-black-outline Impact font: “sup.” And so I challenge you, in this new year, to make like this corgi and, with smooth joy, not give a fuck.

From tumblr, actually from my sister who sent me the link to tumblr. I am such a sucker for corgis.

Stealing From Charity

I am still really over the shoplifting incident charity. I want to be able to go “well if you have to steal from a charity shop”, you have to be desperate and I feel for you, but please never come back and bring my shop ‘. However, the reality is that on this occasion there was an organized group of boys that are targeted at a charity shop because we have no security measures in place (or at least look like they are available) in large retail stores.

The guy Was spotted leaving our shop with stolen goods was so Audacity-went against everything in the training manual on hold; It was not remarkably shifty or highly in my place, but I now acknowledge that it is probably trying to distract me while his friends looked around. I am pretty paranoid at the moment, and made massive use of the devices in place to keep an eye on people in specific sections of the shop while compensating by being extra nice to customers.

It dropped for me, because-as many of you have asked via email-which steals by the charity? I mean i knew there were people (there is a shop in the same town it was all cash is four times in one year) but there was a bit of a reality until I saw a man walking away from something.