I Love Mycenaean Women’s Fashion

Women’s fashion in the Aegean Bronze Age in large topic, so this post will deal with only clothes, and leaving the hair and make-up for later. Fresco evidence, it appears in Mycenaean women had their fashion sense by the Minoans.

The basic garment Was the girls wear every day was the uniform change, as shown in the below a plate of woman offering wine to the soldier on horses. Basically it is a tunic long banding across the shoulders and along the hem for extra strength. This garment would have been cut from wool, and dressed with linen llawesog under short or long dress, depending on the weather.

Aegean garment more familiar in the flounced skirt, which, if you look at the pictures very carefully, you can see really wrap around garment. The skirt was made of the rectangle long rows of sewn flounces; It was then tied around the waist and cinched with a blue girdle. Women have worn some type under a skirt or petticoat underneath, and for special occasions, it would have to sew appliqu├ęs or bells to flounces to produce a tinkling sound. Some votive sculptures such as the famous snake Priestess depicting women wearing aprons, but it seems that the costume is limited to religious rites, perhaps to hold blood during sacrifice.

The painting of ladies in the Queen’s Megaron in Knossos Is charming but somewhat misleading. It is unlikely that women Minoan or Mycenaean walked around bare-breasted at all times. Naked breasts were designated as fertility, particularly given the ample bosoms display in bronze art, so this was the matter of ritual; women in the painting are preparing for a ceremony, not to spend an afternoon average Minoan Royal apartments. Bodis was dressed as open bolero jacket, held in place with a corset made probably of leather.

The Minoan snake Priestess of opening ceremonies of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. She is wearing an apron ritual. In case you’re curious, it seems that the uniforms are a mix of cloth and synthetic material, rubber and silicone breasts she is possibly wearing latex, similar to that worn by drag queen.

He was wearing a concealing other, more types of bodices. A fresco of Knossos Blue Ladies, you can see how bodis open all the way down the front yet still cover the breasts; It would have been worn with the movement underneath, which was sufficiently vague to conceal the chest, or diaphanous, depending on the person who wears the mood.

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