The Eternal Bookworm

I bought is shit ton of books. As, possibly too immediately considering how little I have been able to read so far this year.

I need to make space if I want to buy more books. It is impossible simply to anything else fit in the space that I have and I need to have a big clear out. I have such a difficult time putting books away, but I have been constructed to be clearing out a few boxes of other things in the garage. We will have to resist strong desire to stick because of missing could read something within the next twenty years. That is the public libraries!

In other news read I feel like making plans to read for next month apart from a few projects I am working on with people. Only we can decide which set of plans to fix so I thought that I would see if anyone had any views.

It is probably best for me to work on finishing the series at this time. All of the reading that book Cashore quickly has reignited my passion for reading, if not is that exactly that is creaking, is quite easy to push out of the way to make room for other more practical tasks/moping. I am left thinking for a few I have lost the feeling excited for when I was thinking about starting a new story and was the only one feeling like starting a new book would be too much work. I need to build a feeling of my blood and brain fizzling with excitement as I read and probably focus on false worlds already I know I enjoy a good place to start.

And Her Eternal Pirates

I have a long list of books about pirates and pirates female I want to one day.

Everything that I know about female pirates, I learned mostly by Diana Norman (probably better known now as Anita Franklin) and the Internet. Diana Norman wrote this amazing historical novels about women who do not feature prominently in historical fiction. When I was during the teenage years, my library several of her novels and I devoured them. I think she was kind to me Political which was Jeanne other girls-teenage author glorious focus, women. It seems strange to say that now as much historical fiction concerning women, but very many had brought up with Kings and Knights and men at the big seas. If you haven’t read Diana Norman book I strongly recommend trying to find them, especially “Royal blood” who has nothing innovative but desperate character who becomes a woman.

Looking Forward To

My only tours out until the end of the year is likely to be for doctors, to the supermarket, and my parents. Which means that I need to do the following, since I look forward to them. I have already decided how the whole food situation works. Look at the tables and cabinets and food will appear only as some kind of magic show Vegas. Is shit like that also pops up in horror films.

  • I need to go through the ingredients have to be stored in the refrigerator to see if i can use any one of them.
  • Can buy whole foods, one ingredient in processed foods (such as pasta or salmon and canned lentils), dessert grain products (such as bread), sauces, spreads, dairy substitutes, electrolyte water (and fruit juice to make tasty unflavored water), herbal tea, special holiday foods and ingredients for recipes. Chocolate counts as an ingredient.
  • I can continue to give my feast once a month “pizza and soda fountain milkshake”

A Little Poker

I usually chat at the poker table. I chat about topics of interest, although almost never politics or poker; the former because of its complex and the latter because I have no reason to provide insight into opponents on my mind. 🙂 He finished last night may differ slightly.

Sitting just to the right of the aggressive, very loose player-I class him as hyper-aggressive, about the capacity-jargon that limited my options a lot. To top things, he was hitting everything. (No really, its cracked 85o AA in the contest, and that kind of thing was going to pay a lot _.) Up, making a little money slowly over time, and after about 2 hours my randomizer came 100, which is the number with “make some crazy Ivan St? NT unless you have some reason not to “. I am blind with small A7 off. 3 people limp in, and could stand a healthy raise, except I am pretty sure I have a better plan, and limp as well. Sure enough, the Loosey-goosey Mr. rises to 7 (too small to get anyone out, but its aim was to take control of the hand play), callers will be 3, and now reraise to 60-min and I believe in doing the work. One of the players in the hand, bless his heart, exclaims “Finally, you are not going to stand for this nonsense is more”. Well, perhaps he did not use the word “nonsense”-its all a bit hazy.

The Big Blind believe long enough to hide the fact that his catch, and willingness, and so is everyone else, and scoops up the pot. The player loose in chimes with typical “nice bet”, I was saying that I had to do something-playing behind it is cramping my style. It draws attention to a vacant seat left him, and come back with “that contractors would not be right”.

That comment changed the whole night. It probably decide was a danger, and he folded a lot whenever I was in hand. We started talking about poker situations a lot. It was fun. I learned a lot about how at least one example of the style of the player think.