Stealing From Charity

I am still really over the shoplifting incident charity. I want to be able to go “well if you have to steal from a charity shop”, you have to be desperate and I feel for you, but please never come back and bring my shop ‘. However, the reality is that on this occasion there was an organized group of boys that are targeted at a charity shop because we have no security measures in place (or at least look like they are available) in large retail stores.

The guy Was spotted leaving our shop with stolen goods was so Audacity-went against everything in the training manual on hold; It was not remarkably shifty or highly in my place, but I now acknowledge that it is probably trying to distract me while his friends looked around. I am pretty paranoid at the moment, and made massive use of the devices in place to keep an eye on people in specific sections of the shop while compensating by being extra nice to customers.

It dropped for me, because-as many of you have asked via email-which steals by the charity? I mean i knew there were people (there is a shop in the same town it was all cash is four times in one year) but there was a bit of a reality until I saw a man walking away from something.