The Serpent Garden

During the early reign of Henry VIII. The topic already highly unusual because it has nothing to do with his marriages.

Tudor dominated her sister Mary, since her marriage to the King of France and one follow up with Charles Brandon forms part of the plot, but Mary is a supporting character. Our heroine here is Susanna, soon widow of artist morally than good and talented painter of miniature portraits himself, who comes first is part of a staff and civil servants the Wolsey and then part Mary’s. the novel third Act and supernatural problem; for two-thirds of it, Susanna is very brave heroine use her talents in the world keeps underestimating, along with it the book offers take on Wolsey during the height of its power.

No Cromwell in mind, although Cavendish shows as a flatterer and Anne Boleyn as a teenage girl in France. But have been supernatural treasure-hunting, the Susanna no good husband who dies at the beginning and during the last third of the book is dominated by angel by demon battle with Susanna play only a small part, and it is not what I support.